Getting to know your neighbours

They said it is good to know your neighbours. Having finished all the visits we could do to the publicly accessible parts of Joo Chiat SMC since GE2011, it was good to get to know our neighbours.

Shifting Boundaries

Shifting Boundaries

And what are they saying to us? Those living in the real Joo Chiat were of course surprised to find themselves in Marine Parade GRC suddenly at the last GE. Some Kembangan and Chai Chee residents reminded us that they were part of Aljunied GRC and East Coast GRC respectively for the longest time. Then, some wise men in a special committee took out their pencils and erasers and moved them out of their GRCs, just a couple of months before the last election. One even proudly told us he voted for us when JBJ stood in Chai Chee in 1976. Wow 1976, that’s pretty rich history!

“Yeah, they sure know how to change the boundaries at every elections”, some residents would tell us. I guess this is where the hash tag #youwinliaolor comes in pretty handy! 🙂 The ‘pencil and eraser’ is certainly mightier than the sword.

Yeah, it is good to know your neighbours. Who knows if neighbours may suddenly become family one day. Welcome to Singapore!

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