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The Single Member Constituency (SMC) area of Joo Chiat, defined at GE2011, is bounded by Marine Parade Road, Still Road, Joo Chiat Place, New Changi Road, Bedok South Road and Bedok South Avenue 1.  It covers Opera Estate, Siglap, Frankel Estate, Dunbar Walk estate, parts of Marine Parade and East Coast Road, 2/3 of Telok Kurau and areas surrounding St Patrick’s Road.

Joo Chiat to many, also refers to the areas surrounding Joo Chiat Road, with the old charm Peranakan buildings, Peranakan culture and good food. Others refer to this entire area stretching from estates in Siglap to Tanjong Katong Road as Katong. In this blog series, Joo Chiat is the greater Joo Chiat, an area encompassing the old and new Joo Chiat, covering even Katong which shares common characteristics with Joo Chiat.

Since GE2011, I have become known to many as the Joo Chiat local boy. Whether it is called Joo Chiat or Katong, this place has a special place in my heart. I have lived my entire life in this area, growing up in Opera Estate, then having my matrimonial home in Telok Kurau before shifting to Siglap where I still live today. I studied in neighbourhood schools known to all who live here: St. Stephen’s, St. Patrick’s and Temasek Junior College. My children attended schools in the neighbourhood too, and so did my wife. The familiar parks, shops, eating places and schools here contain special memories. It’s hard for me to imagine living somewhere else.

During GE2011 and even right now, I have received many calls, SMSes, emails and Facebook messages regarding issues in Joo Chiat that can be improved upon. I have decided to start this blog to regularly champion things or issues that can lead to a better Joo Chiat. It is also a good way to introduce Joo Chiat to others and. There are things that can be physically improved upon through upgrading. There are also things we can all do together to make living better for ourselves.

Join me in this journey as I blog about Joo Chiat. Mail me if you have something interesting to share or photos you like me to use. Thank you!

Yee Jenn Jong
Non-Constituency Member of Parliament

Cycling around Joo Chiat

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